2x H Cam Bolts For Tesla Model S + X

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Are you interested in purchasing suspension parts for your Tesla car? Electric Vehicle Parts is a renowned distributor of high-quality control arms and other suspension parts that are manufactured by the reputable Belgium Automotive Aftermarket manufacturer Sidem. You are guaranteed of an excellent price and quality. Thanks to our small scale and low cost, we are able to provide you with suspension parts for the lowest price on the web. Check out our other parts!

Set of 2 H Cam Sidem Bolts for mounting the control arms to the subframe of the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X.

De AFT Link / control arm are bolted to the subframe of the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X. When replacing the control arms the battery pack will have to be removed from under the vehicle in order to replace the control arms. The alternative would be to cut the bolts and replace them with new ones and insert them from the front. This is a more cost efficient way of replacing the control arms and when they ever need replacing again that will be very easy. Tesla believes the bolts should be inserted from the battery pack side because that will prevent the bolt from piercing the battery pack in case of an accident.

In most cases you will not need any other bolts or nuts to be replaced when replacing the control arms.

  • OEM parts names would be: BOLT H CAM M14x2.00×114 [10.9]-G720
  • OEM parts numbers: 2007106 /

All our parts come with mounting instructions and torque Nm specifications.

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